Well I like PiƱa coladas and getting caught in the... oh you meant you wanted to know about my Roleplay interests? All right I can do that too! Haha!

Let's start with my preferred genres:


Science Fiction



Odd Pairings

  • Vampire/Slave
  • Master/Slave
  • Teacher/Student
  • there may be more these are just the ones I've already tried.


~Note that I am willing to write in other genres. I just can't think of any more specific genres at the moment! Just ask me if you don't see it listed!~

I also thoroughly enjoy a good fandom roleplay, as many of us do. 

My Fandoms are:

Harry Potter



Hunger Games

The Song of the Lioness/Anything in Tamora Pierce's Tortallan series.

Lord of the Rings (book or movie)

Chronicles of Narnia



Black Butler

Game of Thrones

~Note: If you don't see something here, I may have forgotten it. Just ask!~

Now, allow me to establish my expectations of you.

1. Please be literate to the best of your ability! I am no grammar nazi, but I do expect you to put some effort into the roleplay. I don't want to see short hand nor do I want to get one liners. I will do my best to be literate as well.

2. I do not expect you to write me a novel each post, but please give me enough that I can form a decent reply. I ask at least one or two four sentence paragraphs (unless circumstances make longer posts more difficult such as one on one combat scenes).

3. If you have limits, tell me from the start. I will take roleplays to places you didn't know existed if you let me, so if you have a problem with graphic violence or graphic adult content or language, let me know ASAP. 

My own limits include, but are not limited to:

  • excessive gore without reason
  • unnecessary sexual scene that don't contribute to the roleplay's overall quality
  • jumping straight into sexual parts of the roleplay. I prefer to get to know you and your way of writing before I begin that next level of roleplay.

4. Share your ideas! I want our roleplays to blossom into glorious epics that I will recall throughout the ages, but we can only achieve such through both of us adding ideas! 

5. Have fun with it!\ I'm really quite a fun person when it comes to roleplay! 

Now that we've gone over that, how about we get to the fun stuff! Click on Contact Me to find out how to... well it's sorta self explanatory! :P