Welcome to the next step of determining my suitability to be your next roleplaying companion!

To start off, let me say thank you for taking this step to find out more about me! 

I know I come off as a bit formal, but to start off the description of myself, I will tell you that I am a linguist for the navy. I am currently being qualified to do said job, so I am available after the duty day, which ends Monday-Friday at 4pm EST.

I am a very laid back person and I am very open when it comes to roleplay and life in general. I'm glad to be not only a roleplay partner, but also an OOC friend. I can be somewhat hyper at times, especially when I get over excited or I have too much coffee at dinner, but other than that, I am usually at a controlled level of hyper.

Well, I suppose, for now, we can move on to the Interests portion, so that you may determine our compatability!